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FAGPOL- International Transport and Spedition Company was established in 1991 as the Limited Liability Company.
At the beginning the main activity constitutes: spedition, transport, car diagnosis and trade of lacquers for car industry.
In January 1994 the company cut the activities and focused on spedition and international transport.

At the beginning FAGPOL had 5 tractors and trailers and 3 other trucks. Since 1995 company has gradually exceeded its fleet and added some specialist vehicles.
Now company owns economic and modern trucks. This fleet complies with strict European requirements referring to safety and environment.
FAGPOL permanently invests in fleet what helps to maintain high quality of services.

The company has own specialist equipment to repair trucks what shorten time of break in vehicle's work caused by a fault. FAGPOL owns modern satellite surveillance system, that helps to keep a contact with drivers and enables constant control over the transporting unit.
The main objective of FAGPOL Ltd. is to maintain high quality of logistic services to serve the customers' needs as good as it is possible.

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